Textile Rubber and Chemical Company has developed two different, patented, attached cushion products made of 100% premium polyurethane. There’s a cushion designed for the carpet you want, and with the Kanga system, it’s already attached. So the tough business of carpet & cushion selection is that much easier!


“KANGA” is a family name for a series of patented polyurethane attached cushion carpets.

Through the years, carpet manufactured with patented polyurethane attached cushion has stood the test of time beautifully, acquiring a remarkable reputation for performance and comfort.


Kanga Advantage

We like it when people walk all over us! In fact, it’s our #1 goal!


Why Kanga cushion products?

Just as shock absorbers are important to your car, the right carpet cushion is important to your overall carpet performance. Kanga attached cushions improve your carpet’s overall feel and performance. Because of their resilient support, they make your carpet last longer.


What’s the difference?

Latex foam cushions are heavy and expensive; black rubber foam products can crack, peel or crumble and re-bond products use old chunks of foam. All Kanga products are made with 100% premium polyurethane, with no fillers, offering unsurpassed quality and durability! Kanga brand premium attached cushions are also specifically engineered for each carpet face.


Why purchase carpets with Kanga attached cushions?
  • They are 100% premium polyurethane
  • Kanga cushion products will not crack, peel or crumble
  • They will not deteriorate, flatten with use or “Bottom-out” under heavy foot traffic or furniture


What makes Kanga cushions better? It’s proven to be:

  • More comfortable – Made of 100% premium polyurethane foam, Kanga cushions provide carpets with a soft, luxurious feel. They also provide comfort and resilience that lasts and lasts.
  • Longer wearing – Kanga helps absorb the punishment of foot traffic that causes your carpet’s face fiber to mat and crush. The result is that your carpet will look better – longer. Unlike old black foam rubber backs, or cheap imitations,  Kanga will not peel or crumble. We use 100% premium polyurethane with no fillers, so Kanga will not scuff, crack or break down. Our cushion is engineered to provide years of resilient support.
  • Easier to maintain – Kanga is resistant to most household cleaning supplies. And its moisture resistance makes the clean-up of spills much easier than with conventional carpet.
  • An energy saver – Kanga helps to keep your family warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In technical terms, 3/8″ KangaBACK has an “R” factor of 1.896, which is higher than fiberglass insulation of the same thickness. In plain English, Kanga will help keep your power bill down.
  • Mildew resistant – Kanga resists mold, mildew or bacteria, making it an excellent choice for any damp or below grade installations.
  • Easy to remove – Kanga’s unique “easy release” outer skin layer allows for a cleaner removal with less of the crumbly mess left by conventional type cushions.
  • Safe for the environment – Kanga emits no harmful odors or toxic fumes, passing the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Indoor Air Quality Certification Program. It also passes federal fire safety test DOC-FF-1-70, the standard in flammability testing set by the Federal Trade Commission.

And, with millions of yards of carpet backed with the Kanga brand premium attached carpet cushions being sold worldwide for 25+ years, no wonder Kanga has become the brand that consumers ask for. That’s an impressive track record!


Save Money When You Install It Yourself!

You can easily install Kanga attached cushion carpets yourself. They are incredibly light, making them easy to handle. With a few simple, inexpensive tools (KangaTOOLS¨ recommended LINK TO KANGA TOOLS PAGE) and double-faced KangaTAPE, you can complete a beautiful, quality installation in no time.



Walk on carpets cushioned with Kanga attached premium polyurethane cushion. One step will tell you why it’s so many steps ahead in lasting comfort and performance.

With ease and confidence, generations of homeowners have enjoyed carpet with attached cushion – they’ve depended on it, and so can you.


Because what’s underneath counts

Research says – and experience shows – that a carpet’s appearance, durability and comfort are significantly enhanced by using the proper cushion underneath. And the proper cushion is one that’s designed and constructed to improve that carpet’s performance:

  • It makes carpet look better longer, because it absorbs the shock of foot traffic and greatly reduces signs of premature wear.
  • It makes carpet feel better, because it provides years of deep-down, resilient support.

The right cushion is so essential experts often claim the back of the carpet is just about as important as the front. The problem is, you’ll find almost as many types of cushion out there as carpets, so it’s easy to be confused when you’re trying to choose among them.


Why not skip the guesswork?

You can get the right products together – automatically – by choosing a carpet with attached cushion. Nothing could be simpler! Just select a style made with high-quality, patented polyurethane cushion that’s been attached during the manufacturing process.
It’s a great way to end the cushion quandary and make sure your new carpet lives up to your expectations.

So when the question is … “Do you want carpet with premium attached cushion?”

The answer is … “Absolutely!”