Installation with Staples

It’s easy this way, too! Tools you will need are:

  • Utility Knife with extra blades (preferably KangaTools®brand)
  • Stiff Putty Knife
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Staple Gun
  • Heavy Duty Staples (1/2” minimum)


Step One: Prepare the Room

  • Remove all furniture and old carpeting
  • Sweep and vacuum floor
  • Remove doors
  • Check room measurements
  • If possible pre-cut the carpet 4”- 6” larger than room size (Note: No need to remove baseboards)


Step Two: Install the Carpet

  • Center the carpet piece in the room allowing 2”- 3” excess to run up walls
  • Smooth carpet from center of the room towards walls
  • Staple to floor, as close to wall as possible
  • Tap staples in with hammer if necessary as you go around the room


Step Three: Trim the Carpet

On the sides to be trimmed:

  • Use putty knife to crease carpet between floor and wall
  • Use the KangaTools Utility Knife to trim excess carpet
  • Staple where needed
  • Now enjoy your new carpet



  • Be sure to measure to the center of doorways and to the back of closets
  • If you have to make a seam, do it first! (see seaming section)
  • To save steps, if one wall has no thresholds or projections, butt the carpet up to the wall and trim the other three sides
  • When cutting carpet, use sharp blades and hold the knife almost parallel to the floor while cutting in the crease
  • Door bottoms may have to be trimmed to allow for clearance once carpet is installed
  • Use heavy duty staples a minimum of 1/2″ long
  • Use no more staples than necessary to securely hold carpet
  • On hardwood, it may be necessary to tap the staple with a small hammer to drive the staple in fully – do this as you go