Environmental Impact/Policy Statement (EIPS)

The Polyurethane Group of Textile Rubber & Chemical Company


The Polyurethane Group of Textile Rubber & Chemical Company is committed to a total management directive of true sustainability and resource management in all of our production and manufacturing facilities. We will abide by all governmental, corporate, community and Environmental Management System (EMS) rules and regulations to build upon the goal of reaching maximum levels of sustainability for our company and our world.


We are dedicated to continually:

  • Reviewing and improving our approach to reducing our impact on our surrounding environment to help create a better world for future generations.
  • Utilizing and promoting the reduction and/or elimination of waste in all of our manufacturing facilities and processes.
  • Looking for ways to create environmentally responsible products to offer to our customers.
  • Lead and train our staff and personnel to establish and follow our environmental policies throughout all of our operations.
  • Look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in all aspects of our business and reduce the impact on local as well as global ecosystems.


Looking to the future, we are dedicated to reaching new heights of sustainability by setting goals that reach far beyond the standard requirements. Our goals include:

  • Developing and utilizing sustainable and renewable chemistries in our products.
  • Becoming more energy efficient in all areas of manufacturing.
  • Using the most valuable post-consumer recycled content materials available while maintaining high quality and performance standards.
  • Promoting an effective Environmental Management System that benefits our business, customers and our employees for years to come.
  • Setting and reaching higher goals of sustainability, quality, safety, performance, innovation and in doing so make our environment a better place for all.


“WE BELIEVE” – We believe in these policies. We believe that we do have a choice in our environmental impact. We believe in reducing, reusing and recycling. We believe in our future generations.  WE BELIEVE IN OUR WORLD!


Sustainability Goal/Metrics

BGreen Target #1: Increase utilization of PCRC (Post Consumer Recycled Content) and R3m (Rapidly Renewable Resource Material) in our polyurethanes.
BGreen Metrics #1:


Measured by calculated percentage (%) of PCR and R3m used in our polyurethane formulations. Since 2002 our percentage of PCR and R3m utilized in our polyurethanes has increased from 0% in 2002 to 40% in 2009.


BGreen Target #2:


Decrease the percentage (%) of overall waste sent to Landfills.


BGreen Metrics #2:


Measured by poundage of waste diverted from the landfill. The amount of diverted waste from Landfills will increase by 25% by 2010 and the majority of this material will be recycled into something else.


BGreen Target #3:


Increase the use of “Green” energy by our manufacturing facilities.


BGreen Metrics #3:


Measured by renewable and “Green” energy certified purchases from Power Supplier.  This percentage will reach 5% by 2010.