High-performance commercial carpets require high-performance attached polyurethane cushions. With exceptional comfort, superior dimensional stability, improved wearability, longer life cycle and unsurpassed ease-of-installation, both EPIC System and KangaTRAC products are the BEST choice for high-performance commercial carpets.

A dense polyurethane commercial grade cushion applied to the back of carpet during the manufacturing process, KangaTRAC is specially engineered to support the demands faced by commercial carpets. Backed by over a decade of research and testing, and proven in countless installations, KangaTRAC offers the support your commercial carpet needs for solid performance.




Carpet backings are the key to commercial carpeting consistently holding up to the demands of extra heavy foot and roller traffic. Both EPIC and KangaTRAC’s patented advanced manufacturing processes provide chemical and mechanical bonding of the cushion system to the carpet. Tuft bind is strengthened and edge ravel is minimized. The result? A carpet that looks, wears and lasts longer than most direct glue-down carpet installations.



Unlike unitary backings in direct glue-down installations, EPIC and KangaTRAC provide incredible comfort underfoot. Attached premium polyurethane cushioning ensures resiliency, even in areas of heavy foot and roller traffic. The advanced polyurethane technology in both product options keeps carpeting from “bottoming out,” providing years of superior support. It’s like having shock absorbers for your carpet.



The rigors of daily wear often cause commercial carpet backings to delaminate or peel away from the primary backing. EPIC and KangaTRAC counteract or protect against this condition by chemically and mechanically bonding with carpet fibers during the manufacturing process to offer superior dimensional stability as well as improving delamination resistance. Both product options help support installation integrity in seam, edge ravel and delamination performance.

EPIC and KangaTRAC’s unique polyurethane construction also minimizes wrinkles by absorbing impact shock, supporting surface fibers, and stabilizing the carpet composite.



The repeated pounding of constant traffic leaves its mark on the face fibers of commercial carpets. EPIC and KangaTRAC’s dense polyurethane cushioning provides the proper support to absorb traffic impacts. This excellent performance characteristic helps carpet retain its appearance and texture longer, minimizing early signs of wear and premature replacement even in the most demanding environments.



Providing added strength and stability, the EPIC and KangaTRAC backing systems help prevent the bowing, skewing, and rippling that can occur during installation of commercial carpeting. And since carpets backed with EPIC or KangaTRAC are glued directly to the floor, most installation problems are avoided.



Spills can cause major damage if allowed to soak deep within a commercial carpet surface. Completely synthetic composites, EPIC and KangaTRAC systems resist moisture penetration, which helps to prevent odor-causing mold and mildew from developing. Not only can surface spills be cleaned up fast, but harsh wet or dry cleaning procedures do not drastically affect carpet appearance and performance.



Direct glue-down installations are easy with EPIC and KangaTRAC backing systems. By using premium quality multi-purpose adhesives and following manufacturer’s specifications, successful installations become easier and faster using one of these attached cushion and carpet composites. Seams can be precisely cut and edge ravel minimized.



EPIC or KangaTRAC attached cushion systems are easier and cleaner to remove than other flooring products. KangaTRAC’s unique outer layer or “skin” – designed specifically for releasable flooring applications – shields the cushion from adhesive saturation. And if a releasable adhesive is used, removal is even faster.



Using a carpet with an attached polyurethane cushion like EPIC and KangaTRAC is one of the BEST decisions that a business or customer can make. A Life Cycle Costing Analysis shows that carpets with an attached cushion will last up to 50% longer than conventional direct glue-down installations. Now, that’s a SMART BUSINESS DECISION!!!

EPIC and KangaTRAC’s unique patented polyurethane construction absorbs impact shock, supports surface fibers and stabilizes the carpet composite.



KangaTRAC is an attached high modulus backing system made with premium polyurethanes. It can be applied over a pH adjusted unitary latex or polyurethane unitary precoat as well as an Actionbac® secondary. It is compatible with carpets in 6’, 12’ and 13’6” widths.



Typical properties are derived from averages under standard manufacturing tolerances and are affected by carpet fiber, weight, construction, humidity and temperature. These properties may vary within normal industry tolerances. Performance is not affected by such variances.


24 lb. Density 
Elongation 60% minimum
Tensile 50 lbs./sq. in.
Compression Resistance (25% deflection) 10 lbs./sq. in.
Average delamination strength lbs./in. of width 5.0
Radiant panel Watts/cm2 .74*
Smoke density DM:
Non Flaming
Polyurethane foam weight 24 ozs./sq. yd.
30 lb. Density 
Elongation 60% minimum
Tensile 60 lbs./sq. in.
Compression Resistance (25% deflection) 12 lbs./sq. in.
Average delamination strength lbs./in. of width 5.0
Radiant panel Watts/cm2 .74*
Smoke density DM
Non Flaming
Polyurethane foam weight 30 ozs./sq. yd.

*As tested on 1/8 gauge, 32 oz. nylon level loop construction. Results will vary with carpet construction.