The following instructions are for the installation of EPIC & KangaTRAC, the attached premium polyurethane cushions for all commercial carpet applications. Please read all instructions before starting installation.


Tools, Equipment and Adhesives

  • High quality, multi-purpose or releasable adhesives.
  • Proper size notched trowel (3/32” recommended).
  • Slotted razor carpet knife, cushion back cutter with adjustable blades, and a cushion back wall trimmer (KangaTools brand, if available).
  • Metal tape, rigid metal straight edge and chalk line.
  • Use newer latex based seam sealers.
  • Clean white cloth for seam sealer and adhesive clean up.


Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, grease or wax. Do not use sweeping compounds.
  • Concrete floors must be properly cured and dry. MAKE SURE CONCRETE IS FREE OF EXCESS MOISTURE ON OR BELOW GRADE. Cracks should be filled and smooth.
  • Other surfaces such as resilient tile should be checked and patched as needed, making sure they are properly adhered.


Direct Glue Down Installation

  • Properly measure the area to be installed, adding two or three inches to the dimensions or enough to cover pattern repeats.
  • Dry fit the precut carpet into the room, centering the carpet and allowing the surplus to lap up against the walls evenly. Make sure there is enough carpet to reach to the center of thresholds in doorways.
  • Where seams are necessary, they should be made first. Use a chalk line and straight edge to remove factory edges. Row and/or Trace cutting methods are recommended for all seams. Do not double cut seams. Cut each seam edge separately. A KangaTools brand professional carpet cutter is recommended.
  • After seams are matched, make sure patterns and nap are aligned, fold carpet back at the seam areas. Do not compress the seam!
  • Apply adhesive to floor using a 3/32” notched trowel. Spread adhesive away from the seam line and do not leave scalloped trowel marks at seam area. Follow proper adhesive label instructions relating to open time.
  • Begin laying carpet over adhesive, working away from seams toward walls and smoothing out carpet. Repeat process for all areas.


Secure the Seams

In accordance with label instructions and using a plastic applicator bottle, apply a good bead of seam adhesive to one edge of the carpet and cushion – not on top of the carpet pile. Clean off excessive adhesive immediately.


Trimming out

Crease carpet at the wall with a tool at a 90-degree angle. Trim carpet at wall with cushion back wall cutter or knife. A KangaTools brand professional wall trimmer is recommended. Recheck all seams and wall area. Keep traffic away from installations for 24 hours, if possible.



All carpets with the EPIC System attached cushion have a nonwoven scrim on the outside layer that is an integral part of the product. This outer scrim provides extra dimensional stability to the composite package. It helps reduce “chunking” of product at the time of removal if proper installation procedures are followed.


Key Points

  • Adhesive should be spread in a thin and even manner, using a 3/32” notched trowel.
  • Allow proper open time for the adhesive before marrying products. Should a releasable installation be desired for accessibility to subfloors, it is especially important that the above steps be followed since most pressure sensitive or releasable adhesives are designed to adhere to less receptive products than EPIC & KangaTRAC.
  • See Carpet & Rug Institute Standard # CRI 104 for additional information.