EPIC System TR/18®Commercial Carpet Backing

When Performance Is Critical, Get The Backing With More Face Value.

In specifying carpet for extra heavy commercial traffic areas, the backing that can make a critical difference in the carpet’s ability to perform. The ultimate high-performance attached cushion backing system is System TR/18.

System TR/18 is an 18 lb. density attached polyurethane cushion composite that is applied to the back of commercial carpets at the manufacturing level. Specifically engineered for use in public spaces that receive heavy foot and roller traffic, System TR/18 is designed for hospitals, airports, banks, hotels and casinos. It can be applied to all styles and constructions, including multi-level tufted graphics, wovens and Axminsters.



Its mechanically-frothed polyurethane formulation supports the face yarn construction and helps carpet retain its original appearance longer, extending the useful life of the carpet. In fact, repeated roll stool tests, simulating heavy commercial traffic, indicate that System TR/18 can add years of performance in the most demanding environments.



System TR/18 provides more comfort underfoot than unitary backings in direct glue down installations. With its superior dimensional stability, System TR/18 virtually eliminates edge raveling and delamination. It also resists moisture penetration. Because the cushion is already attached to the carpet, it is faster and less troublesome to install than double glue down methods, and it outperforms carpet and separate pad in heavy traffic situations.



Advanced polyurethane backing technology, drawing on more than two decades of floor covering research, also gives System TR/18 these additional advantages over other commercial carpet backings:

  1. Its unique construction is designed to maintain the dimensional integrity of the finished carpet, to resist buckling, curling, stretching or shrinking.
  2. The fine mesh, synthetic lino-weave scrim backing creates the perfect substrate for releasable flooring applications, making it easier to install and remove. It also shields the cushion from adhesive saturation. By blocking the adhesive from wicking up into the backing, less adhesive is needed for a secure installation-permanent or releasable.
  3. System TR/18 surpasses other attached backings when it comes to gauge control, a critical factor in seaming. Gauge variations previously associated with attached cushions are virtually eliminated with Textile Rubber & Chemical Company’s patented belt technology. By precisely monitoring the foam application during the manufacturing process, overall tolerances of the composite carpet are set not to exceed plus or minus 15/1000 of an inch, which is almost indistinguishable. This ensures that the gauge of the backing will remain constant from side to side, end to end, and roll to roll.
  4. As a completely synthetic composite, System TR/18 inhibits deterioration with age. It effectively resists odor-causing mold and mildew, and withstands harsh wet or dry cleaning procedures.



EPIC System is an 18 lb. density, mechanically-frothed polyurethane cushion and scrim composite that is applied to the back of commercial carpets at the manufacturing level. It can be applied over a pH adjusted unitary latex or polyurethane unitary precoat as well as an Actionbac® secondary. It is compatible with carpets in 6’, 12’ and 13’6” widths. (These standard specifications are subject to slight variations within normal manufacturing tolerances.)


Foam weight 28 ozs./sq.yd.
Thickness .125 inch
Density 18 lbs. or above
Compression set at 50% 10% maximum
Scrim Wright 4.5 ozs./sq.yd



Typical properties are derived from averages under standard manufacturing conditions and are affected by carpet fiber, weight, construction, humidity and temperature. These properties may vary within normal industry standards. Performance is not affected by such variances.


Compression resistance 7 lbs./sq.in. minimum
Tensile 50 lbs./sq.in. or greater
Elongation 60% minimum
Tear 5 lbs. minimum with no delamination
Roll stool 30,000 cycles
Radiant panel watts/cm2 .74*
Smoke density:

DM flaming



Polyurethane foam weight 30 oz./sq.yd.


*As tested on 1/8 gauge, 32 oz. nylon level loop construction. Results will vary with carpet construction. Test values for gauge, backing weight and density are allowed +/- 10%.