Products For Your Home.

Three attached cushions for a
                     variety of carpets.....

There's a cushion for the carpet you need, and chances are it's attached already. So the tough business of carpet selection is that much easier! We offer three different, patented, attached cushion products of premium polyurethane. One of them is sure to be right there on the back of a carpet style that suits your needs, just look for it by name:


Some Facts About Polyurethane
Kanga is made of 100% premium polyurethane
with no fillers, which, unlike latex foam or black
rubber, offers unsurpassed quality for carpet cushion:
     Won't crack, peel, or crumble
      Won't deteriorate or go flat with use;
          stays resilient
     Won't "bottom out" under heavy
          furniture or foot traffic
      Chemically stable, non-toxic, and
          environmentally safe
      Not affected by standard household
          cleaning products
      Impervious to moisture
     Energy efficient